KV File Generator (beta):

A utility that automatically generates a formatted .kv file based on your selection. A .kv file specifies which player skins appear in your map.

Who is this for?

If you map for CSGO and would like to customize the model skins your map uses, but you don't know what a .kv file is or how to write one then we have you covered!

Enter your map's name, the author's name and select a model from both the CT and T categories.

Hitting Generate creates a file locally within the browser. Click Get File to save <mapname>.kv to your 'Downloads' folder. Simply move this file to your csgo\maps folder in your steam directory.

If you notice a bug/issue or you want to leave feedback send me an email.

Known issues:
- GUI is skittish on IE (use Chrome/FF for best experience)
- GUI resizing sucks on small screen/mobile devices (new bootstrap GUI in the works, no eta)
- Positive button feedback missing.
- Firefox will automatically append .txt to the end of the filename if you open rather than save.

Website and code by darkscarybear.

Get File

(Beta 0.4)